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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Play! F.T Island Concert # 1 set of Sneak Peak Pictures

Today 14th of January was the happiest day of F.T Island Fans, Primadonna! It is the "Play! F.T Island Concert" at Stadium Negara!

The songs they are performing are:-

1. I Hope
2. Bing Bing Bing
3. A Handsome Guy & A Beautiful Girl
4. Hello Hello
5. I Will Get You
6. Love Love Love
7. Life (jap ver.)
8. I Want (jap ver.)
9. Let It Go (jap ver.)
10. Flower Rock
11. Sunshine Girl
12. Confence
13. Even You Tears
14. A Bad Girl
15. The Man In Sinsa-Dong
16. Will Love All
17. You Are Smilling Like A Doll
18. Donkihote's Song
19. Troublemaker
20. Primadonna

21. Love Sick
22. Until You Back
23. Like Birds

Hong Ki, the lead vocal had a very brilliant voice and they did a wonderful show!
The 5 talented boys end the concert with beautiful paper sprinkler and colourful lights.
We can see that Primadonna, the fan base of F.T Island were very amused and entertained.

The concert is very awesome and amazing! Not to forget they did perform a number of their greatest hits and best songs! The boys were also creative, they perform a smoother acoustic version of Sunshine Girl which gets a lot of female Primadonna hearts.

Here are some Preview of the "Play! F.T Island Concert", Enjoy!

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