Sunday, December 4, 2011

MLive Most Amazing 2011 in Kuala Lumpur photos!

Photos fresh from the Oven!

Next Up is B1A4

sorry, didn't take photo for B1A4 as my camera are suffering some problem that time, but you can check it out from my partner! Ck Tommy

Following up is F(x)!

Super Junior which everyone went wild about...

ELS are shouting for SS4 and B1A4 said they are going to come next year.
The show end with all the artists bow.

Hope you all enjoy :)

*this event coverage is a joint coverage with Ck Tommy and Jonathan Yip

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mlive MO.A Most Amazing 2011 in Kuala Lumpur

Performance from 4 famous Kpop group.
They are MISS A, B1A4, F(x) and last of all Super Junior

The concert started with MISS A to bring up the excitement. Then a new group B1A4 which they done not bad for a rookie. Then following, F(x) came out with their hit songs and make the crowd even more excited. The Concert lead to Climate bring by Super Junior and Yeesung did a solo song. Then they end it with their all time favorite ; Sorry Sorry.

The song list is as below:-

Miss A:
Goodbye Baby
Love Alone
Help me
Poker Face
Bad Girl Good Girl

Beautiful Target
My Love
Only Learned the bad things
Only One

Is it Ok?
Hot Summer

Super Junior:
MR Simple
It has to be you
Marry U
Sorry Sorry

Here is some SNEAK PEAK of the Concert.


*Event coverage is a joint coverage with Ck Tommy and Jonathan Yip

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fresh 17 or 18 years old driver. If you are driving an Automatic Car, pay attention if you used to shift from D to N before breaking.

I Know this wall of Text will not get you interested, but it will help save you, and your car.

While your car is moving, if you change your car from D to N will hurt your Gear box and the break pad. seriously.

How it hurt the gear box: Imagine the D is like the bicycle rear gear(act as car gear box) spinning with the chain(act as wheels), when u change it to N, is like taking the chain out from the gear while it is moving. it will hurt the gear and eventually make it not "makan" anymore.

Changing from D to N while moving will also numb your car, the situation is after you change it to N, the engine is not controlling your car, so the wheels is spinning on its own, and if the speed of all the 4 wheels is irregular, this will make the car out of control and eventually roll the car (if it slide side way) since you don't have anti roll bar in the car to prevent it from rolling

Just say like this, now, all 4 wheels is running on the same speed (eg. 60kmh) then u change it to N. if one of the wheels(front right wheels) drop into a potholes, that very wheels will slow down and this situation ( 3 wheels spinning on 60kmh and 1 on 50kmh) and the car will start to lost balance. This is because when you are in N gear, the WHEELS are powering the ENGINE(which u CANNOT control) instead of the ENGINE Powering the WHEELS (which u CAN control).

How it effect Breaking: when a Car Break, actually it is not just the break pads breaking your car, the engine is ALSO breaking at the same time.

LET SAY IT THIS WAY : [while on free gear/N, you depend 100% on brake to brake. same if you are in manual gear but press clutch. if you are engaged in any gear, engine will also help braking. because the engine decrease it running power ]

ANOTHER MORE ADVANCE EXPLAINING: [D to N and back to D on downhill is bad, it's called 'shift shock', your gearbox is spinning faster and faster as it goes downhill, while the drive from the engine remains at idle and suddenly you force both to match up again which is where the shock happens. this means, the wheels is powering your engine and it is a not very good sign actually]

If you think i bullshit about the ENGINE BREAKING, look here (Neutral/No gear (N) section):

ENGINE BREAKING is something like the engine will decrease it gear (like gear 4 -> 3 -> gear 2) before breaking to decrease the inertia from the gear with the engine. waja won't feel it because it is an old car/maybe you can't feel it because is no experience about other car. These old car's engine will need to detect a certain rpm before lowering it gear automatically.

explanation 2: the engine is lowering it gear to slow down the car. it is just like a manual car running from gear 4(100kmh max) to gear 3(60kmh max) to gear 2(40kmh max) to gear 1(20kmh max). So, it is easier to break.

Conclusion on D-N while moving : N gear, the breaking pad will take all the burden on breaking. D gear, the break is breaking the car speed, and engine is also breaking at the same time.

Changing from D to N before breaking is NOT SAVING YOUR FUEL AT ALL.

Proof about not saving fuel while using N gear at downhill and eat up your break pads :

Overall Conclusion 1 : Change from D to N before breaking = engine sakit, transmission sakit and break sakit = engine, transmission and break spoil easily = shorter half life = need money to change because it spoil faster

Overall Conclusion 2: In an AUTOMATIC GEAR BOX, the only gear you can change when your car is moving is just L, L2, D2, D3, D4, D (or whatever your car manufacture name their low gear)

Overall Conclusion 3 : The Physic syllabus we learnt SUCKS! no teach me about engine breaking.

Overall Conclusion 4: Actually, not applying acceleration in D, or using engine braking, ast higher revs, doesn't use much gas at all. The engine is being made to run by the wheels at that point, rather than burning gas.

It saves more gas to engine brake to a stop than to slip into neutral and use the brakes alone.

actually there is more technical name.. not using cause you guys might not understand..

P/S: If my physic essay was this, i think i get A+ already. type by my own self and a little help from SIFU at LYN FnF section. i might got some missunderstanding sentences, cause i'm not good at explaning stuff.

P/P/S: just advising you not to change from D to N while moving, seriously. Is not like it is saving fuel at all. try to get know how the fuel jet in your engine work and you will understand. the only way to stop fuel flowing from fuel tank into engine is turning off the engine.

If you change from D to N while moving, it is like killing the vehicle slowly, it might take more than few years, it might take less than few years, depends on luck.

to safe fuel. don't use sport rims, pump up and check your tires every month, don't accelerate too fast.

use smaller tires? lol.... cause bigger tire will result in larger rims(heavier) and increase rolling resistance and the more fuel the car used to accelerate cause need more energy to spin the heavy wheels that got a lot of resistance on rolling. :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

B2ST First Fan Meeting Asia Tour in Malaysia 2011

July is the Month of B2UTY, B2ST is coming back to Malaysia several time, B2ST is coming back to Malaysia at 24th July for the MTV World Stage! I bet B2UTY are so happy until they are breathless

On this fan meet they took over the stage at Sunway Lagoon Surf Lagoon on July 1st. After a round of press conference in the afternoon, they had their stage set and blast out every B2UTY on the spot!


Show started off with Special and Soom. They are special, they made everyone breathless! These two songs are we able to get photos while they are on stage, so the photos contribution will be limited for the fans. I felt sorry but partner and myself did our best.


Soon after the first two songs, they introduced themselves one by one. The interesting thing is they introduced themselves in Malay! "Apa khabar? Nama saya Hyunseung dari B2ST.", Hyunseung said and Yoseob made a mistake or a fusion in language "Apa khabar? Nama saya Yoseob imida." Further on, Kikwang declared that he was arrived in Malaysia separately with the other 5 members as he has a schedule on before that. He arrived here around 4PM and reached on time for the press conference earlier. When the emcee asked what other Malay word they know, Dongwoon shouted "Durian, durian!" while Yoseob with "Satay!" I believed Malaysia food was the most attractive stuff for B2ST.


Doojoon's birthday was just few days away during the event so organizer prepared a cake and celebrate in advance for him. Doojoon seems to be pleased and happy with the preparation. The others even started with a dorky dance which I think it's cute and funny. "Thank You, I Love You!", Doojoon expressed this thankfulness to the fans after blowing the candles. He stated this Fan Meeting Asia Tour is the biggest present for him after emcee asked what present he wished for.


Show followed with questions session. Six questions were specially selected from all the fans submitted their curious question before July 1st. I remember quite clearly that one of the question(?) or I would say a request was asked B2ST to sing a birthday song for his girlfriend. This is something special and might be memorable.


Remember there was a contest for a group to perform on stage that organized by Universal Music Malaysia? Yes, the winner Progression danced off their version of Shock before B2ST did Shock and also Beautiful. Then, the most expected session for fan - Game session! The game was simple, just a bowling game with 6 fans paired with other 6 members. Even a lucky Korean fan girl was called up.


After that, two of their new songs On Rainy Days and Fiction performed with great feel of expression and tone. Oasis, I like you mostly then with their last song You wrapped up the show.

Photos may taken with full credits and link-back to this page.

*Photo were contributed and associated with 4 other partners - Tommy CK, JonYKT, Ethan Lu and Alex Lim
*This event coverage is a joint coverage between Alex Lim, Ck Tommy, Ethan Lu and Jonathan Yip

Sunday, July 3, 2011

B2ST First Fan Meeting Asia Tour Pictures - Encore

photo: B2ST bowing to thank their lovely fans! They are having a great time!



note: Photos may be taken out of the blog with credits and link back to this post/blog

B2ST First Fan Meeting Asia Tour Pictures - Concert

Here is the Photo for their Concert. ENCORE photo coming up VERY SOON!


photo: the boys at their beastly angelic form and they are coming for you guys!


note: Photos may be taken out of the blog with credits and link back to this post/blog

Saturday, July 2, 2011

B2ST First Fan Meeting Asia Tour Pictures - Press Conference

B2ST/BEAST are so excited! Look at that alligator mouth!!

B2ST Press Conference


note: Photos may be taken out of the blog with credits and link back to this post/blog

Monday, June 27, 2011

The First BEAST Fan Meeting Asia Tour - B2ST at SUNWAY this 1st July

Kpop wave has infected Malaysia, with all the big super idol from korea such as 4Minute, G.NA, U-KISS, Se7en, B2ST and more. . . Among all of them, B2ST who is very active at Malaysia lately has come back to Malaysia once again to had their solo concert over here! at Malaysia!

Fangirl who attend the Digi Kpop live cannot miss this chance.

Did you already bought their New album - FICTION and FACT?

-yes? is time to experience their LIVE concert! happening at this coming Friday!

1st of July is B2UTY day!

Somemore information about the event.


Date: 1st July
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Surf beach, Sunway Lagoon.

It was organized by Star Planet.

The price of the ticket is increasing from RM188(Rockzone) to RM288(PS1) and most expensive RM388(VIP)

a seating/standing plan i obtain from internet, credits to the respective owner

B2UTY don't miss the Chance and buy the ticket now!

For more information, call Star Planet 03-92233667

TicketCharge 03-92228811 or visit /

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pizza Hut Malaysia giving Promotion!

This 3 days they are having a promotion!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

This is today(Wednesday) coupon

make your life easier, pizzahut are giving .pdf file, just save that picture above and print it. you got 6 coupon! :D

-alex out

Monday, June 6, 2011

SNSD 1st Japan Album Girls Generation DELUXE Edition

Finally it reached me ♥ Excited!

I wont be doing a review here, cause there is a better review i found in youtube.

Here is 1 or 2 of the photo.

The song list is same as the Limited edition.

I buy it at HMV so the poster is folded.

Inside the "Make-Up" box:
-The Pinky bag, i have no idea what to do with it ><
-Photobook, beautiful as always
-Album it self, duhhh~

Here is the whole VIDEO of the review by silvergolf

Sunday, June 5, 2011

♥♥♥ SPAO Cap and FELIX promotion T-shirt ♥♥♥

I was anticipating! very excited about today that i can't even sleep ><

First, i want to credit and thanks to Stephy who help me buy all this stuff at Korea during her holiday, thanks a lot! :D

As i didn't actually buy "New Year Cloth" this year, so. . . i spend the "New Year Cloth" money on this!

Well, i'm a little bit tight in budget because of those Japan album and stuff, so i can't really spend much on it :(

I bought 2 Cap, 2 Felix Tee ♥

1 cap cost 29900KRW
for the 2 tee i bought, 1 of it cost 19900KRW and another 1 is 12900KRW

i bought approximately RM280 worth of stuff here.

The Cap
The cap is very well stitch, the quality is good despite it is kinda over priced :p
I buy both cap is Blue(there is some other colour but not as nice :D)

418418418418418418418418418418, haha!
Jessica cap is so beautiful just like Sooyeon ♥

Dorky taengoo!
Taeyeon cap didn't come with the whole signature, but just with the Butterfly which is simple and nice. nice idea saving up cost for thread, SPAO xP

Thanks to Stephy, i get to have 1 of this beautiful bag, this is the most beautiful bag i ever see in the whole universe ♥
Photo of the bag with the caps

Felix, everyone know that this is the latest SPAO series. I'm not a very big fan of FELIX the CAT, but i'm a BIG fan of SNSD! end up, i can't stop it, but just to buy 1 or 2 of that shirt :3

If you don't know much about it, here is a CF

I get 1 design is the one same to which Jessica Jung wearing(the Blue design in my photo)
I know Jessica is wearing Light Purple, but that colour only available in Women cutting (SAD) so i get the Blue one instead ;)

What i get today [06-06-2011]
I'm so happy now!

Thank You Stephy!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

少女时代 Japanese 1st album!!

Today only the Limited Edition reach, as there is something going up with the Deluxe version shipping.

This is the middle version which cost 3990Yen
It got 1 CD and a bonus DVD
The Tracklist of the Disc



Run Devil Run


Beautiful Stranger

I’m In Love With The HERO

Let It Rain



HOOT(Japanese Version)


MR.TAXI (Original ver.)

GENIE (JPN Original ver.)

Gee (JPN Original ver.)


I buy it from HMV where they only provide folded shipping for the poster. :( kinda pain ; my heart

This is how the Front and back look like. Lovely isn't it?

There is somesort of questioning card in japanese and a BEST OF ALL! Photocard!!!! ><

The whole album is totaly lovely, the Photobook.
I don't have the time to take picture of all pages, because it is too lovely, LOL.
I keep admiring the pages <3 they are so gorgeous, elegant, PERFECT!
This is the Jessica page, isn't she perfect? <3 <3 <3

Another member who caught my attention is our dorky leader kid taengoo! ><
Actually all of them are very perfect :D

Last but not least, there is some sort of Liptop CF at the album. haha!