Tuesday, July 5, 2011

B2ST First Fan Meeting Asia Tour in Malaysia 2011

July is the Month of B2UTY, B2ST is coming back to Malaysia several time, B2ST is coming back to Malaysia at 24th July for the MTV World Stage! I bet B2UTY are so happy until they are breathless

On this fan meet they took over the stage at Sunway Lagoon Surf Lagoon on July 1st. After a round of press conference in the afternoon, they had their stage set and blast out every B2UTY on the spot!


Show started off with Special and Soom. They are special, they made everyone breathless! These two songs are we able to get photos while they are on stage, so the photos contribution will be limited for the fans. I felt sorry but partner and myself did our best.


Soon after the first two songs, they introduced themselves one by one. The interesting thing is they introduced themselves in Malay! "Apa khabar? Nama saya Hyunseung dari B2ST.", Hyunseung said and Yoseob made a mistake or a fusion in language "Apa khabar? Nama saya Yoseob imida." Further on, Kikwang declared that he was arrived in Malaysia separately with the other 5 members as he has a schedule on before that. He arrived here around 4PM and reached on time for the press conference earlier. When the emcee asked what other Malay word they know, Dongwoon shouted "Durian, durian!" while Yoseob with "Satay!" I believed Malaysia food was the most attractive stuff for B2ST.


Doojoon's birthday was just few days away during the event so organizer prepared a cake and celebrate in advance for him. Doojoon seems to be pleased and happy with the preparation. The others even started with a dorky dance which I think it's cute and funny. "Thank You, I Love You!", Doojoon expressed this thankfulness to the fans after blowing the candles. He stated this Fan Meeting Asia Tour is the biggest present for him after emcee asked what present he wished for.


Show followed with questions session. Six questions were specially selected from all the fans submitted their curious question before July 1st. I remember quite clearly that one of the question(?) or I would say a request was asked B2ST to sing a birthday song for his girlfriend. This is something special and might be memorable.


Remember there was a contest for a group to perform on stage that organized by Universal Music Malaysia? Yes, the winner Progression danced off their version of Shock before B2ST did Shock and also Beautiful. Then, the most expected session for fan - Game session! The game was simple, just a bowling game with 6 fans paired with other 6 members. Even a lucky Korean fan girl was called up.


After that, two of their new songs On Rainy Days and Fiction performed with great feel of expression and tone. Oasis, I like you mostly then with their last song You wrapped up the show.

Photos may taken with full credits and link-back to this page.

*Photo were contributed and associated with 4 other partners - Tommy CK, JonYKT, Ethan Lu and Alex Lim
*This event coverage is a joint coverage between Alex Lim, Ck Tommy, Ethan Lu and Jonathan Yip

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