Sunday, February 12, 2012

Olivia Ong Valentine LIVE in Malaysia!

This is not a full event coverage, it is just a simple journal of this event for those who didn't or do not get to attend this beautiful concert.


The concert started quite punctually at 8.12pm with a few guest singer.

Olivia appear at 8.28pm

Here is a simple journal of the songs she sang.

A love theme
I cant go for that
Ready for love
You and me
Wo yuen yi
Invisible wings
Ru yan

Tin ya ge nv - Olivia claim that her grandmother sing it for her before bed time when she is a little girl
I started a joke, originally from bee gees, it is a beautiful song *the song is embedded below.

Unchain melody
Fu zao
Mei mei wan an
E meng
Sheng huo
Wo zi zai hu no
Qia si ni de wen rou
Yao ni guan

She then took a rest, she remembered some taiwan and china fan said they wanted to attend at some social network site, and they were there at her concert. there were also japanese fan which she remembered, sitting at the 'Ready for Love' zone.

Carry on, she sang,
Back to life

At the climax of the song, she introduced her band. including bass, guitar, keyboard, backup vocal, drum and program.
She also invited all the audience to stand up for the climax

The next song were.
Bian zou bian kan bian xiang

All of a sudden after she finish this sing, she went to the back stage, and fans were shouting for encore

She came back after a while and sang,
Hai ku shi lan

After the song, she said she remember there was a time she saw a fan wearing a rubber bracelets with her name on it. So, she purposely made the rubber bracelet for fans(which are given once we enter).

The last song she perform is
Let it rain

Here is a series of photo that i can get, low quality due to taking photo only with iPhone. Enjoy!















That is all i can get.. :D Cheers!

Olivia Ong were Pretty Awesome! She is so Pretty and Awesome! ♥