Friday, March 23, 2012

Petronas Twin Tower @ Live in Malaysia 2012 SNSD "SNEAK PEAK"

23th March 2012 is a memorable and historical day for Malaysia's Sones.
After the long wait of Malaysia's SONES.
They, 소녀시대 or known as Girls Generation in English has finally come to Malaysia!

The Concert was very crowded, filled with Malaysia's SONES.

The Girls performed their latest hit The Boys to "Bring The SONES Out", and then follow by Genie.
The next song is Hoot, Run Devil Run and the Korean version of Mr. Taxi.
The Girls end the performance with Gee.

They performed a total of 6 songs.

Here are the sneak peak of today's concert.
Their outfit remind me of the icy princess feel


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This is a join coverage with Ck Tommy and Alex Lim

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